Hire Our Participants

Vocational Visions is committed to identifying employment opportunities for our participants with developmental/intellectual disabilities who want to work. We explore and develop partnerships with diverse potential employers -- businesses of all sizes, community organizations and government agencies throughout Orange County.  We work diligently to match participant skills, talents, abilities and interests with the right job and the right employer.

There are many rewarding reasons to hire our participants. Click here for a list of awesome reasons to hire people with disabilities.

To learn more about a mutually beneficial partnership with Vocational Visions and how our participants can fill the employment needs of your business or organization with individual or group placement, email us at info@vocationalvisions.org 

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Vocational Visions is excited to offer a Paid Internship Program where participants obtain work experience interning with your business or organization for a set duration, ranging from three months to one year. Your business or organization does not pay the intern;  however, the intern is paid through a program funded by the State of California. Payroll is set up on the Vocational Visions end. The intern is paid an hourly wage commensurate with what any person with the same level of experience would be paid if your business/organization hired directly. The only payroll responsibilities your business/organization has is to have the intern's direct supervisor sign off on the intern's timesheet (provided by us) every two weeks.

The Paid Internship Program is exceptionally beneficially for all involved for multiple reasons:

1. The duration of the internship and work hours are flexible

2. Vocational Visions provides job coaching support at no charge to your business/organization to support the intern's success with the job responsibilities

3. The intern/participant gains valuable work experience and receives a paycheck.

4. You get support for your business/organization at no payroll cost to you

5. You give back to an underserved population in the community

5. Any worker's comp issues that may arise will be handled through our internship program and not by you.

Awesome Reasons to Hire Our Participants

There are several reasons to employ people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Most obvious is that it's the right thing to do. It helps to promote social justice, diversity, corporate social responsibility, and equal opportunity. It's good for the employee, for the employer and for our community.

Statistics from 2020 reveal that approximately 53% of people with a disability are in the workforce, compared with 84% of people without disability.

The situation is worse for people living with an intellectual disability because only 32% of this group are employed.

People, like our participants, who live with a physical, developmental or other intellectual disability are ready, willing and able to work.

Employers often don't realize that hiring from this segment of our community population can also bring benefits for business.

  • Individuals with developmental disabilities are reliable, dedicated loyal workers with a positive work ethic
  • Individuals with developmental disabilities contribute to a positive and team-based work environment
  • Individuals with developmental disabilities demonstrate high work productivity in a wide range of jobs
  • Employers experience low turnover and high retention from employees with developmental disabilities
  • Individuals with developmental disabilities have lower than average absenteeism, thereby increasing overall productivity
  • There are federal tax incentives for hiring individuals with disabilities improve the employer’s “bottom line”
  • Employees with developmental disabilities promote a positive corporate image that increases customer base and loyalty

People living with intellectual disability can and do make a significant work contributions when given the opportunity. 

If you are an employer wondering if tapping into our amazing group of potential hires is the right fit for your business, know that the most critical success factor is a genuine desire to make it happen. Where there's a will, there's usually a way. Our participants have the will. Do you?

Ever notice how the actions you take can inspire others for good? We want to share an inspirational music video that reminds us how good choices by one, can inspire a ripple effect of good choices in others.

Direct Hire Opportunities:

Vocational Visions partners with businesses to obtain direct placement opportunities. We offer onsite job coaching to facilitate the success of our clients. This coaching is at no cost to the employer or employee. Coaching can range from 20% to 100% of the time depending on the situation.

Paid Internship Program (PIP) Opportunities:

Vocational Visions partners with local businesses to offer opportunities for paid internships to individuals served in our program. The goals of the paid internship program are for the individual to acquire work skills that may lead to a subsequent full-time or part-time competitive integrated employment position as a direct hire in the same job, or in a similar job with a business other than where the internship was completed. Vocational Visions will provide a one-to-one job coach at no cost to the employer to ensure the participant is successful. You get the benefit of extra help without having to add that person to your payroll. We make sure the participant is paid. All you have to do is sign off on their timesheet. Workers’ compensation is covered by this program.

It’s a win-win-win-win opportunity for the participant, for your business and for the community. Customers also love to see these partnerships in action.

Vocational Visions partners with Regional Center of Orange County for this program.