Hiring People with Disabilities is A Win-Win-Win

There are several reasons to employ people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Most obvious is that it's the right thing to do. It helps to promote social justice, diversity, corporate social responsibility, and equal opportunity. It's good for the employee, for the employer and for our community.

Statistics from 2020 reveal that approximately 53% of people with a disability are in the workforce, compared with 84% of people without disability.

The situation is worse for people living with an intellectual disability because only 32% of this group are employed.

People, like our persons served, who live with a physical, developmental or other intellectual disability are ready, willing and able to work.

Employers often don't realize that hiring from this segment of our community population can also bring benefits for business.

  • Individuals with developmental disabilities are reliable, dedicated loyal workers with a positive work ethic
  • Individuals with developmental disabilities contribute to a positive and team-based work environment
  • Individuals with developmental disabilities demonstrate high work productivity in a wide range of jobs
  • Employers experience low turnover and high retention from employees with developmental disabilities
  • Individuals with developmental disabilities have lower than average absenteeism, thereby increasing overall productivity
  • There are federal tax incentives for hiring individuals with disabilities improve the employer’s “bottom line”
  • Employees with developmental disabilities promote a positive corporate image that increases customer base and loyalty

People living with intellectual disability can and do make a significant work contributions when given the opportunity. 

If you are an employer wondering if tapping into our amazing group of potential hires is the right fit for your business, know that the most critical success factor is a genuine desire to make it happen. Where there's a will, there's usually a way. Our persons served have the will. Do you?

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