Creating Opportunities
for Adults with Disabilities

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Programs Overview


Programs We Offer


Our program initiatives enhance our community by creating pathways to employment, fostering life-long learning, and developing the talents of over 500 participants. The specific needs of each person are the most important criteria in determining the best program options. Currently our programs include the following:


Day Training Activity Center
DTAC includes leisure activities, living skills development, and behavioral development for participants with behavioral challenges due to Autism or other behavioral health diagnoses. Although these participants may not be able to work in the community, they want and deserve opportunities to be engaged and learning. Staff members work with participants to build their social skills through group activities and community participation and enhance their independence by building skills such as toileting, hand washing, and feeding. As with all of our programs, we also ensure that our participants have space for fun and fulfilling activities like arts or music classes and time for socializing. Participants in this program need a high level of support, which is provided on a 1:1 or 1:2 staff to participant ratio. Program activities take place onsite at our facility and in the community, and are all centered on client choice and promoting independence.


Day Training Activity Center - Pala
This partial site-based day program provides an employment component that includes assessment, vocational training, counseling, and work experience to help individuals transition to employment in the community. We offer real employment experience by contracting with local businesses to have participants do tasks such as collating, assembly and packaging, labeling, shrink-wrapping, and heat sealing onsite at our facility for pay. Conducting this work for pay helps our participants develop job skills and gain real experience while having the fulfilling experience of earning a paycheck. We also provide training in necessary skills such as interviewing, job application completion, and job search skills and work with participants as they go through the process of finding a job. We have recently expanded this program to include development of life skills, such as money management, as well as community outings and other leisure activities to provide a full experience for our participants. Participants in this program are able to manage much of their own time, so the staff to participant ratio for this program is 1:6.


Adult Development Program
This is a 100% community-based program with a focus on developing employment and other skills for participants that require more supervision than offered in other day programs. The program includes a Job Readiness Clinic through Pathways to Employment, paid internships and job placement  through the contracts with employers, job coaching, community resource awareness and training, and college courses.  Some participants are part of an “Employment First” program component, which emphasizes employment as the first option of programming.  Our participants also volunteer in the community at food pantries, the Salvation Army, Petco, Crossroads church, Meals on Wheels, M.V. Christian church, and other locations.  These activities are supplemented with fun activities and clubs that reflect the interests of our participants, such as gardening, cooking, arts and crafts, board games, Bingo, sports, and leadership development.  A 1:1 or 1:4 staff to participant ratio ensures that participants have the intensive support that they need to reach their goals, and as a result 75% of participants in this program have secured some form of employment.


Health Related Services Program
This program is targeted to individuals who have restricted health conditions as well as developmental disabilities. It provides skills development, social interaction, leisure activities, and sensory stimulating activities. Each component of the program is individualized so that participants with varied physical abilities can participate. Skills development can range from learning to feed themselves to cooking utilizing adaptive technology, while some participants also participate in employment activities such as shredding documents. Many of the participants in this program are nonverbal and communicate through blinks or taps, so staff members spend time each day communicating with them to address emotional needs as well as activities and physical care. Leisure activities include adaptive arts and crafts, music appreciation, reading, games, and community outings. The exercise/sensory stimulation component also varies by client. We offer opportunities for varied physical experiences, such as going into a ball pit, resting on a beanbag, passive range of motion exercises, and ambulation training. The program is provided six hours per day with a staff to participant ratio of 1:1, 2:3, or 1:3. Program staff includes skilled nurses who can ensure that participants’ nursing needs are addressed, including assistance with gastrostomy tube feeding , catheterization, colostomy bags, blood sugar check and insulin administration, seizure management, wound care and medication administration.


Emeritus Program
Our Emeritus Program focuses on skill retention, personal safety, vocational activities, classes, and leisure activities for participants, many of whom are aging or for whom work is not their main goal. Community integration and living skills are also emphasized, such as community safety, purchasing skills, ordering food, or using public transportation. Many of these participants also take classes at our partner organization, Saddleback College, and volunteer in the community.  The Emeritus Program also includes self-advocacy clubs like Sign Language, Baking Club and FunBrain, which are operated with participant input.  Participants learn to speak up for themselves, make choices, build friendships, listen, and reach out to others.  They also develop problem solving skills and learn how to get information to understand the things that are of interest to them.  Best of all, they do all this while having fun in the company of friends. Participant needs and activities in this program are varied, so the staff to participant ratio ranges from 1:1 to 1:4.


Supported Employment Program
Where everyone exercises their right to work in local businesses, earns a paycheck, and fully integrates into their community.


Clubhouse - House of Champions
Where the music is loud and the fun never stops.


Paid Internship Program
Vocational Visions partners with local businesses to offer opportunities for paid internships to individuals served in our program. The goals of the paid internship program are for the individual to acquire work skills that will lead to a subsequent full-time or part-time competitive integrated employment position as a direct hire in the same job, or in a similar job with a business other than where the internship was completed. Vocational Visions will provide a one-to-one job coach at no cost to the employer. Vocational Visions partners with Regional Center of Orange County for this program.