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Southwest Florida Eagle Cam


This is live camera feed of a Bald Eagle nest in Florida. Did you know that the Bald Eagle is America's national bird? If you watch regularly enough, you'll be able to see the mom (Harriet) and dad (M15) eagles along with their two eaglets, E15 and E16, both born in April 2020. Watch the babies grow over the next few weeks before they fledge the nest (fly away).


07/24/20 Update - Both E15 and E16 have learned how to fly really well now but they still choose to hang out at and by the nest with their parents. At some point, they will leave the nest for good but let's watch them for as long as we can.


06/20/20 Update - Anyone who has been following E15 and E16 in the past week may have been scared to learn that E15 got knocked off of the tree branch she was roosting on when sleeping at night by an owl (it was a mistake - the owl's wing hit her while the owl was flying by). Luckily E15 was OK but had to spend the night on the ground and in low trees because she couldn't make it back to the nest (she is just now learning how to fly). You'll be happy to know that the very next day, she worked very hard and was able to fly back up to her nest and reunite with E16 safe and sound (although she did miss out on breakfast).


Note: If you are anxious to see how these eaglets will grow, check out this live camera feed of another Bald Eagle nest with two eaglets (Jules and Romy) who are much older. They just might fledge the nest (fly away) real soon. If you watch regularly, you just might see them fly for the first time. 


06/10/20 Update - The nesting season is over so the live camera for Jules and Romy has been turned off since both eaglets fledged. Hopefully, next season, mom and dad eagle pair Samson and Grabrielle (Gabby) will raise new baby eaglets.


Here's a slideshow of the highlights of the season that just ended:



05/20/20 Update - Both Jules and Romy fledged the nest this month but you can still watch the live camera and you may be lucky enough to catch their parents (and maybe even Romy and Jules) return to the nest once in a while.



05/17/2020 Update: Romy fledged the nest (flew for the first time). It took him all morning to work up his courage. You can watch Romy fledge below:




05/07/2020 update: Jules fledged the nest (flew for the first time). Romy should be flying away soon. You can watch Jules fledge below:



Bald Eagle Fun Fact: The feathers on a Bald Eagle's head and tail don't turn white until they are between 4 and 5 years old.



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