Creating Opportunities
for Adults with Disabilities


Day Training Activity Program (Pala)


A Transition Program

This partial site-based day program provides an employment component that includes assessment, vocational training, counseling, and work experience to help individuals transition to employment in the community. We offer real employment experience by contracting with local businesses to have participants do tasks such as collating, assembly and packaging, labeling, shrink-wrapping, and heat sealing onsite at our facility for pay. Conducting this work for pay helps our participants develop job skills and gain real experience while having the fulfilling experience of earning a paycheck. We also provide training in necessary skills such as interviewing, job application completion, and job search skills and work with participants as they go through the process of finding a job. We have recently expanded this program to include development of life skills, such as money management, as well as community outings and other leisure activities to provide a full experience for our participants. Participants in this program are able to manage much of their own time, so the staff to participant ratio for this program is 1:6.


Program at a Glance

  • Funded by Regional Center of Orange County (including transportation within the community)

  • Assessment and vocational training

  • Enhanced supervision for people with extra needs

  • Ratio 1:15 (special needs ratio 1:6)



For more information, please contact Vai Parker at 949-837-7280 ext. 207.