Creating Opportunities
for Adults with Disabilities

Participant Photos


While our facilities are closed, we're checking in with our participants to see what they are doing to keep busy all while safely following CDC guidelines during Covid-19.


Rene Spotlight W 2


Joy Spotlight W


Danny Spotlight W


Lily Spotlight W


 Christopher Spotlight W2


Adrienne Spotlight W


 Wendy Spotlight W2


Daniel Spotlight W


Holly Spotlight W



 Angel Spotlight W2

Zoya Spotlight W4


Jairus Spotlght W3


Megan Spotlight W


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Regan Spotlight W


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Eddie  Spotlight W


Janinne Spotlight W

Tavis Spotlight W 2


 Christina and Shannon Spotlight W3

 Here's Nahal working on the turtle art kit project that staff dropped off.


Nahal Paper Plate Turtle W


Here's Erin showing us she completed the rainbow art kit project that staff dropped off.


Erin Rainbow W


Here's Katy baking chocolate cookies.


Katy Bakes Cookies 2 W


Here's Cheryl putting beautiful puzzles together.


Cheryl Puzzle Collage W


Here's Austin taking backyard relaxation to the next level.


Austin Collage W


Here's Hayley relaxing poolside.


Hayley Poolside W


Here's Edgar putting safety first on his walk at the beach.


Edgar Walk with PPE Border W


Here's Cynthia getting ready for a busy day.


Cynthia Border W


Here's Anthony looking at pictures of his friends in the ADP Yearbook. 


Anthony Border W


Here's Bailey showing us it's important to stay busy but there's always time for relaxing too.


Bailey Collage


Here's Igor doing some spring gardening.


Igor Gardening Border W2


Here's Christina and Shannon starting their own spring garden.


Christina  Shannon Garden Border W


Here's James taking his Saddleback class via Zoom.


James Border W


Here's Kim getting some exercise outdoors.


Kim Ball Border


Here's Andrew bonding with his cat.


Andrew Cat Border W2


Here's Jordana attending her online Saddleback class in her backyard.


Jordana Online Class W


Here's John keeping busy with a variety of games. 


John K Collage Border


Here's Lisa showing off a card she received from her job coach Alicia.


Lisa Gets Card from Coach Border


Here's Christopher looking sharp in blue and playing with a soccer ball.


Christopher W


Here's Kirstie, Jeanette and Margot doing artwork at the Bates Family Home.


Kristie Jeanette and Margot  Bates Home Border


Here's J.J., Tracy, Vida, Steven and Richard doing artwork at the Bates Family Home.


Richard and Others Border


Here's Margot, Jeanette, J.J., Tracy Vida, Steven, Kirstie, Richard and Shirley Bates from the Bates Home wearing their patriotic scarves from coach Elle.


Bates Home Scarves W


Here's Karen and Michael keeping busy at their Bethesda Lutheran Communities group home.


Karen L and Michael C Collage


Here's Amy, Brock, Daniel and Michael from Glennwood House of Laguna Beach enjoying the beautiful beach weather.


Glennwood Group Home Border


Here's Alan and Cesar enjoying their happy birthday caravan that paraded by their home on May 5th (15 staff members participated in the parade).


A and C Birthday Collage


Here's Karen celebrating her birthday on 5/27.


Karen Birthday W


Here's House of Champions Clubhouse playing virtual bingo using Zoom.


Clubhouse Bingo Play With Us   Not Branded W


Here's another look at House of Champions Clubhouse virtual bingo.


Clubhouse Zoom Bingo W


Here's ADP's very first virtual bingo session with Zoom.


ADPs First Zoom Bingo


Here's Chandra video chatting with her job coach Krissy.


Chandra and Krissy


Here's David video chatting with his job coach Ghasam.


David and Ghasam 2 W


Here's Ayesha video chatting with her job coach Krissy.


Ayesha and Krissy W


And here's David video chatting with his job coach Ghasam (again).


David and Ghasam W


Here's Peter shooting hoops and making dinner (check out the letter from his job coach too).


Peter Collage W


Here's Amy checking out the movie reviews written by her friends on our website.


Amy Checking out our Website from her Group Home Border W


 Here's Megan wearing her homemade pillowcase mask (PPE) while out on a walk with her dad.


 Megan Homemade PPE


Here's Regan keeping busy indoors with puzzles.


Regan 2 Puzzle Collage W


Here's Clark staying active indoors with a stationary bike and Wii Sports bowling.


Clark Bowling


Here's Brock helping to prepare a delicious and healthy meal at his group home.


Brock Fruit Salad w


Here's Joshua with proper PPE to help him stay safe while working (he is an essential employee at Target in Irvine Spectrum -  member of 'QuaranTeam T2128').


Josh Target w


Here's Carlene showcasing her artistic talents.


Carlene W


Here's Artie on a walk with job coach Clemen.


 Arti and Clemen Collage2