Creating Opportunities
for Adults with Disabilities




Cooking for a Cause Vocational Visions provides services to adults with Intellectual/Developmental and other disabilities. One of these programs is the Day Training Activity Program (DTAC), which gives participants the opportunity to learn daily living skills, make choices and participate in community outings.


We believe in self-direction and self-determination, we believe in offering choices throughout the program day, we believe in life-long learning for the people we serve, and we believe their gifts and diversity bring value to the community and to the lives of the people they touch.


One of the activities used to accomplish this is cooking. Whether its blending smoothies or baking treats, cooking promotes independence, socialization, instruction in daily living skills and behavior management.


One of the participant’s favorite cooking activities is baking dog treats that are then delivered to local animal shelters. Every other month, participants have a dog treat baking day. Participants with limited mobility are able to take part in making the dog treats using a wireless push button switch. Pushing the switch button activates a mixer or blender. Some individuals need hand over hand assistance, but everyone is always excited to see and hear the mixers and blenders in action. Each participant is involved in the cooking process and can at the end of the day, see the results of their labor.


Participants then use their artistic talents to decorate individual bags to put the dog treats in. The final result is an educational community outing for the participants where they deliver the treats to a local animal shelter to the joy of both animal shelter employees and the animals in their care.


If you want to help us continue with this and other activities, please consider sending in a donation today, or go to now and click on the “Donate Now” button. Your support directly benefits our DTAC participants as well as over 500 participants utilizing our eight programs each day. Your support really makes a difference. Thank you!

Kind regards,

Joan McKinney
Executive Director